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Multi Table Tennis 3D


Multi Table Tennis 3D is an action packed table tennis simulation game that will please hardcore and casual gamers alike. It offers a well balanced singleplayer mode and an addictive multiplayer mode.This game is designed to be challenging and super fun at the same time. It has realistic physics, sound effects, multiplayer modes, a unique control mechanism and a gentle learning curve to immerse you in a virtual world of table tennis.1. Split-screen multiplayer mode which is insanely addictive (More multiplayer modes to come!)2. Balanced single player mode that suits players of all experience levels3. Long but gentle learning curve4. Realistic 3D physics5. Realistic sound effects6. Great looking graphics7. 3 different gameplay modes8. Totally free. You don't have to spend a single coin to advance in the game.9. More features to be implemented (Online multiplayer modes, bluetooth/Wi-Fi multplayer, progression tracking, unlockables.... )
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